Private Yoga Student

Mindj, Private Yoga

Mindj, Private Yoga 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl’s commitment to teaching is clearly displayed in her expertise. She is confident, compassionate and dedicated to her students. … It is the inner peace that it brings to all aspects of life that is the ultimate reward.

Joann, Private Club

Joann, Private Club 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl is a very special lady in so many ways in addition to her great ability as to teaching yoga, which she does with knowledge, warmth, and love.

E.M., Private Yoga

E.M., Private Yoga 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl is able to adapt the yoga practice to accommodate injuries you need to contend with and/or help you focus on areas you want to work on.

E. Semrad

E. Semrad 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

You have a light inside of you that is amazing, keep that light because you have a number of believers who look at you and see something that they can’t explain.