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A. Abranson, Yoga Studio

A. Abranson, Yoga Studio 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl’s approach to teaching is incredibly inclusive. Gayl can teach a large class with different abilities and allow each person to advance their practice. She will challenge and encourage her students while never judging the result.

Judy Markey, Yoga Convention

Judy Markey, Yoga Convention 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl creates a varied, but always embracing sanctuary in her classes. The classes challenge, but calm you at the same time. You leave knowing there was no person with whom you’d rather have spent your morning. Thank you Gayl!

Mindj, Private Yoga

Mindj, Private Yoga 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl’s commitment to teaching is clearly displayed in her expertise. She is confident, compassionate and dedicated to her students. … It is the inner peace that it brings to all aspects of life that is the ultimate reward.

Montessorie Connection, Kids Yoga

Montessorie Connection, Kids Yoga 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

We were lucky enough to have Gayl as our yoga instructor for our kindergarten class. Gayl was able to create an engaging, age appropriate curriculum for our students. Her love for the children and philosophy as a yoga instructor created a fun and comfortable environment.

BJ Armstrong

BJ Armstrong 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

To realize your higher self is to practice yoga. The self-realization of one’s own existence is of the highest good. It is a pure joy to practice with such a knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated instructor as Gayl. Thank you… but you already know that.

S Serra

S Serra 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl is a teacher who brings a calm, peaceful energy to any room. She is connective, creative, and thoughtful with every element of her instruction … she can work with any level of student from beginner to advanced in a way that you won’t know or care which level you are…

G Zamost

G Zamost 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Yoga has changed my life. I’ve tried it many times but I realized it takes an amazing teacher to push you to excel in every way. Now I stand with on my head and touch my toes to my knees. With Gayl, her inspiring music and attentive style, one reaches for their highest potential.


DW 150 150 Gayl Walder Yoga

Gayl has an amazing spirit. I have been practicing with her for over five years, and am continually amazed that she brings something new to her class every week. She provides a special environment that helps her students explore and deepen their practice.