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The Next Chapter 1920 1440 Gayl Walder Yoga

The Next Chapter

Life changes in an instant. Close your eyes- Please be present without distractions. Picture yourself, reflect on your daily routine, what you do each day — especially the things that bring you joy. Before you go to sleep each night, do you practice gratitude? I practice gratitude everyday. I wake up and I go through my…

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The Pain 2966 1608 Gayl Walder Yoga

The Pain

Hi everyone! I’ve been blown away by your responses to my story about my explant journey and my road back to health. Currently, I am recovering from my surgery, and working on getting my strength back. I’m doing my best to respond to all of your questions and comments, but I’m still not able to…

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A Chapter From My Story 1920 1440 Gayl Walder Yoga

A Chapter From My Story

Everyone has a story. Sometimes we live in our story forever. Sometimes, we can’t wait for the next chapter – or even the next book – to begin. We always learn from each story, and what we choose to do with what we’ve learned can have a huge effect on our lives. What I’ve learned…

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Living In The Moment 2100 1494 Gayl Walder Yoga

Living In The Moment

How Do We Truly Live In the Moment? You hear it all the time: “You just need to live in the moment,” “Let go and live in the present,” “Live your life right here, right now!” But how do we actually live in the in moment? This command is such a general statement, yet it…

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Saying Yes to Adventure 2942 2180 Gayl Walder Yoga

Saying Yes to Adventure

Here’s What Happened When I Said Yes to Adventure A few months ago, my oldest friend Michelle (we’ve been friends for 40 years) told me I had to apply to take a trip Israel with a women’s group. She took this trip 5 years ago, and said it was life-changing. I actually noticed the powerful…

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ProjectME Podcast: Managing Intense Stress 2456 1694 Gayl Walder Yoga

ProjectME Podcast: Managing Intense Stress

Tune into my latest interview with multi-millionaire female entrepreneur host, Tiffany Carter, for my episode on how to manage intense stress. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode in the comments section below! Also, be sure to subscribe to listen in on other future episodes as she shares success, marketing, business, and wealth-building,…

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Love Never Ends 1920 1440 Gayl Walder Yoga

Love Never Ends

I met Pete several years ago in my yoga class I taught at Equinox. He was warm, friendly, and inspired by everything around him. No one would have been able to tell that he had been through unimaginable tragedy. Pete’s daughter Alexa was intelligent, funny and creative – and, she was diagnosed with a brain…

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ANNIVERSARY DATES: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Affect Us. 1500 1000 Gayl Walder Yoga

ANNIVERSARY DATES: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Affect Us.

Have you ever noticed a change in how you are feeling? Specifically, in your mood, your emotions, or your energy level? Have you ever realized that this shift in your personality happens at the same time each year? If this is the first year that you have noticed something different about you – if your…

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Everyone Has a Story: Here’s a Chapter from Mine 1500 1000 Gayl Walder Yoga

Everyone Has a Story: Here’s a Chapter from Mine

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. When I was younger, I diligently kept journals, but back then, they were called diaries. Sometimes, I knew what I wanted to write about, and other times I felt stuck in my life and my emotions. But, once I put my pen…

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The Eight Fold Path 1500 1000 Gayl Walder Yoga

The Eight Fold Path

When I began my Yoga journey-over 20 years ago, I remember first hearing the words, “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” I never forgot those words, and I never understood how my mind would calm down and stop thinking, but miraculously, it did. What begins as a physical practice for many…

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