I’m Gayl Walder

“I believe Yoga is for creating an incredible life, both on and off the mat.”

Yoga is an expression of myself. My passion is to help you discover who you are, and to give you the courage to believe in yourself. I believe that through Yoga, anything is possible. I want to help you reconnect to your strength, confidence, and excellence; ultimately, I want to give you the freedom to be your truest self through this ancient and very profound practice of movement and breath.

My Story

“I help my students unlock their beauty and their potential. I love to empower everyone I meet to find their inner truth, and fuel their journey to self-love.”

Like you, I have had many life challenges and have realized that these experiences have been powerfully transforming. These include the birth of my four fabulous children (one of whom was born while I was studying for my masters degree), my social work in the ER and in court rooms, along with some challenging personal situations that turned into growth opportunities.

When I discovered I had the BRCA hereditary cancer gene, I dedicated myself to making lasting changes in my life. I made the almost impossible decision to have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy, and was surrounded by fear and overcome with difficult emotions. Not knowing the outcome of my surgery and how my body would survive, I turned to what I knew best: my Yoga practice, and one last moving meditation before I stepped into my surgery.

My surgery was a success, and I began to tap into a resilience I had long forgotten. There was something about making a choice to help myself heal, take my power back, and begin this work that created a newfound confidence within me. I discovered how to love myself, feel confident again, and learned how to create true boundaries for myself. I found happiness, and also found myself on a new spiritual journey as I began to write each day and dedicate myself to the healing practice of journaling.

During this time, I had a profound vision of bringing people together through the beauty of Yoga. I wanted to show as many people as I could that the power of our minds is truly limitless, and that we are capable of more than we possible could imagine.

I am now driven to share my Yoga teachings and life philosophies with people of all ages, and to support those who might feel isolated and have self-doubt. I help my students connect with their inner stillness through movement by showing them just how strong they can be, and by opening them to a whole new world of reconnection, perspective, and resilience.

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “to yoke” or “to join” – it is something that lets you build connections and bridges. I’ve worked countless hours to expand my Yoga practice to adapt it for teenagers, athletes, celebrities, and people of all ages, so they can come and just be themselves, no matter what their physical abilities.

I look forward to meeting and supporting you. Namaste.

Gayl Walder: RYT, E-RYT

Gayl Walder is the founder of Ahimsa Global Yoga, a company that specializes in bringing yoga to schools, corporations, and organizations that want to give their members and employees the opportunity to experience the wonders Yoga can bring into their lives. In addition to bringing Yoga to schools, corporations, and organizations, Gayl is committed to bringing Yoga to everyone: she also teaches many classes throughout the Los Angeles area and offers private lessons. Over the years, she has turned many athletes into super yogis and non-believers into believers.


Gayl has obtained her Yoga certification from Eight Limbs Yoga and is certified through Yoga Alliance. Gayl has completed two 500-hour teacher trainings at Northshore Yoga (Northfield, IL) and Yoga View (Chicago, IL), and co-led a 200-hour Pure Yoga teacher training at Equinox in Highland Park, Illinois. She is also a graduate of Northeastern University. She has a masters degree in social work from Loyola University Chicago. Gayl’s certification has enabled her to counsel students in the new New Trier school system and the adult probation division of Cook County. She has also worked as a social worker in the emergency room for Highland Park Hospital.

• Gayl has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years, and teaching for fourteen years.
• In 2011 Gayl co-led A Pure-Yoga/Equinox teacher training at Equinox in Highland Park, IL
• In 2009 Gayl obtained her Yoga for Cancer Survivors certification at OM YOGA CENTER in NY with Cindy Lee and Tari Prinster
• She has obtained her Yoga for Kids certification from Marsha Wenig in Illinois
• She has obtained her Stop and Breathe breathing coach certification in Illinois
• Gayl practices SEVA on a regular basis (Selfless service or Seva is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it . Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society. WIKPEDIA)
• Gayl continues to study and learn from Master teachers all over the world
• Gayl has completed the Inner Engineering Course with Sadhguru
• Gayl has completed the Master Class with Mark Wolynn of the Family Constellation Institute

“Although I am a teacher, I am forever a student”

A Message from Gayl

I want to share with you that is so important to let your story unfold and not to always try to control it. Let your life unfold with confidence. You have the power to move to the next chapter of your life with ease. As a Yoga teacher, I am always taking more training because there is always more to learn. In every aspect of our lives, there is an opportunity to grow.

As a mother of four children, I see the pressure that they – and their friends – face each and every day. There is the pressure to succeed, to live up to expectations of certain people, to live their lives so others are not upset with them when they are miserable inside. This happens with adults, too, and sometimes we feel stuck. Many wonder: What am I doing? Where am I going?

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in law, friend, confidante, writer, yogini, and so much more. When I wear certain hats, I am expected to take on other roles: chef, nurse, editor of papers, mind reader, miracle worker, etc. I feel pressure sometimes trying to live up to all these expectations. Yet what I have come to realize is that all I can do is my best. I encourage you to do the same.


We were lucky enough to have Gayl as our yoga instructor for our kindergarten class. Gayl was able to create an engaging, age appropriate curriculum for our students. Her love for the children and philosophy as a yoga instructor created a fun and comfortable environment.

Montessorie Connection, Kids Yoga

Gayl’s class is one of the best things I do in my life both physically and mentally. Physically, I feel stronger and much more flexible. Mentally I apply what she teaches us to real life stressful situations and breathe my way through them. The class is a game changer and something I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to improve their own quality of life.

DJA Student

Just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. I have been a basketball player all my life and have found yoga because of you. You are the #michaeljordan of yoga!

Pete, Yoga for Athletes

You have a light inside of you that is amazing, keep that light because you have a number of believers who look at you and see something that they can’t explain.

E. Semrad, Private Yoga Student

Yoga makes me feel great! It starts my day off right. I never did yoga before I met you. I can’t find enough words to thank you Gayl.

S. Maurer, 82 Year Old Chair Yoga Student

To realize your higher self is to practice yoga. The self-realization of one’s own existence is of the highest good. It is a pure joy to practice with such a knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated instructor as Gayl. Thank you… but you already know that.

B.J. Armstrong, Power Yoga Student

Gayl is a teacher who brings a calm, peaceful energy to any room. She is connective, creative, and thoughtful with every element of her instruction … she can work with any level of student from beginner to advanced in a way that you won’t know or care which level you are…

S. Serra

Yoga has changed my life. I’ve tried it many times but I realized it takes an amazing teacher to push you to excel in every way. Now I stand with on my head and touch my toes to my knees. With Gayl, her inspiring music and attentive style, one reaches for their highest potential.

G Zamost, Student